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Live in the Vine Program Details

For 2017, we are excited to launch Live in the Vines as an enhancement to the Discovery Pass program.

The concept behind the enhancement is to extend the visitor experience with a live entertainment component. The Homegrown Wine Festival consumer tends to travel as a couple or small group and often extend their Discovery Pass tour over the course of the weekend; including the Tailgate Party on the Saturday evening.

The music enhancement will also lend itself to those winery partners offering wine by the glass on their patios, decks or garden areas. Extending the stay of your customer enables you to connect and develop a relationship and increase your wine sales.

Wineries can choose to showcase a musical genre that suits their vibe whether it be live music or a focus on vinyl or streamed music. The Niagara region is overflowing with incredible artists eager to have an opportunity such as this; Jazz, classic rock, blues, soul and of course New Country.

Wine and music naturally set the tone for a leisurely afternoon in wine country and we hope that you will be as excited about this opportunity as we are.


The Niagara Grape and Wine Festival will provide a compensation of up to $750.00 to support your live music enhancement. Wineries may choose to supplement the compensation in order to book a more noted artist.

Wineries who choose to use vinyl or streamed music will not receive compensation. There must be a “live” feature to receive compensation.

The artist must agree to perform Saturday and Sunday, June 17th and 18th from 12:30pm to 4:30pm (set times and lengths to be established in advance). The artist should be located in close proximity to the Discovery Pass experience. Artists are expected to provide their own equipment and sound.

The winery will provide the NGWF with an invoice naming the artist. The NGWF is happy to offer wineries our standard artist agreement, should they not have access to one.

All artists will be promoted in the Niagara Homegrown Wine Festival guide (25,000 copies) as well as through our social media channels. We ask that the artist provides us with their social media links and agree to promote their Live in the Vines appearance.

To be included in guide, artist selections to be provided by April 13th, 2017.

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