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Niagara Grape & Wine Festival FAQs

How much does the Montebello Park Experience cost?

The Niagara Grape & Wine Festival is a FREE admission event! Wine and food can be purchased using tokens–each token costs $3.50 (incl. HST). Your festival glass is priced at 1 token. Food is priced by the vendor at 2–4 tokens.
Tokens can be purchased at the park or skip the line and purchase online

What kind of family fun can we find at Grape & Wine?

All kinds! Montebello Park is open to friends of all ages (ID required to access wine). Grapeland is designed for families with inflatable games, seating areas and kid-friendly food options (new for 2018). The Pied Piper Parade on September 22 invites kids to join in the fun as part of the Marching Superband – be a part of the Parade and enjoy a post-parade picnic sponsored by the Real Canadian Superstore. And, of course, the Meridian Grande Parade has been a family favourite for 67 years…don’t miss it!

How “green” is Grape & Wine?

We’re green and groovy! All plates, napkins and cutlery are 100% compostable, and compost and recycling bins are located throughout the park. The plastic wine glasses are reusable and can be used at the Water Wagon for free, cool water throughout the event. Just like the City of St. Catharines, we are a plastic bottle-free zone.

Is the park “pooch friendly”?

As much as we love our pets, Montebello Park is a pet-free zone. Please leave your furry friends at home.

Helpful Tips

Here are some tips with you to help you have an incredible weekend with us.

  • Download or print your e-tickets – our team is able to scan the bar code from your smart phone or a print out, but you must have your tickets to gain entry!
  • PRE-ORDERED TOKENS – were you one of the smart ones who pre-purchased tickets? Head to Guest Services, located beside the Bandshell, before you head into the Harvest Lounge or the Sommelier Lounge. Guest Services is the only place to pick up your pre-ordered tokens. You must have your e-ticket to pick up.
  • HARVEST LOUNGE TICKET HOLDERS – head right to the Harvest Lounge. You will pick up your glass there, and can purchase tokens inside the Lounge.
  • SOMMELIER LOUNGE TICKET HOLDERS – head right to the Sommelier Lounge. You’ll pick up your glass and complimentary tokens with the friendly team there. Delicious food in the Lounge this weekend: Saturday – Bolete & Sunday - Backhouse
  • ADDITIONAL LOUNGE PASSES – limited passes are available for the Sommelier Lounge and the Harvest Lounge, while supplies last. These are only available at Guest Services.
  • VIP ENTRY – Harvest Lounge and Sommelier Lounge passes DO get you VIP entry at Gate 1 only. You must present your e-ticket upon arrival; then your Harvest Lounge or Sommelier Lounge bracelet will get you in and out privileges throughout the evening.
  • HELP? QUESTIONS? Visit Guest Services. That super-friendly team will be happy to help.
  • Don’t forget about the Great Lake Swimmers on Sunday evening to close the Festival!