2014 September 13-28
A Vintage Harvest
Colaneri Estate Winery

Colaneri Estate Winery

Colaneri Estate Winery invites you to experience our wines and visit our winery during this year’s Niagara Wine Festival

Our Dolcezza Rosso Cabernet Franc Icewine is heavenly sweetness! An intoxicating wine that can be savoured as a dessert on it’s own! For the Discovery Pass our Icewine will beautifully caress our mouth watering raspberry chocolate cheesecake.

Our Profondo Aumento Chenin Blanc Recioto with it’s fruit accents pairs beautifully with our bruschetta.

It’s unique to Colaneri Estate Winery!

The sweet recioto dessert wine has been the style historically associated with the region. There are documents proving that since

Roman time a sweet wine, made of dried grapes, was produced in Valpolicella. The Romans loved sweet wines, and used to add honey, spices and make it lighter with water. It was one of the favourite wines of emperor Augustus.

The name comes from the local dialect recie meaning ears. This refers to the extending lobes of a grape cluster, that appear as "ears" at the top of the cluster. The exposed grapes on the "ears" usually receive the most direct sunlight and become the ripest grapes on the cluster. Historically these very ripe "ears" were picked separately and used to m

ake very rich, sweet wines. Today the method for making recioto has evolved to include the use of whole grape clusters. Once harve

sted during the regular harvest season, the grapes are taken to special drying rooms. While recioto wines are typically sweeter than regular table wines they are not as sweet as Icewines.


Colaneri Estate Winery is family owned and operated. It is beautifully surrounded by sprawling vineyards situated on the St. David’s Bench.  The winery is built in the Romanesque style with a captivating panoramic view of the vineyard and escarpment with its picturesque landscape. The wine tasting bar overlooks the production area allowing visitors to experience the sights and sounds of daily wine making activities.

Through dedication and perseverance, the Colaneri Family proudly offers premium, hand harvested, VQA award winning wines, including late harvest and icewines.  Most of the wines are made utilizing the traditional Italian appassimento method which includes a large portfolio of red, white and dessert wines. Also showcased is a series made in the Amarone, Ripasso and Recioto style.

Each family member has chosen their own varietal and had labels designed especially for them. Each label has its own story based on characteristics of the family member or their interests. There is a story behind everything we do including our logo.

La famiglia Colaneri invite you to experience the passion and painstaking detail that went into the creation of this breathtaking winery.

Tradition, the driving force of our passion for family, life and all it encompasses.


348 Concession 6 Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake L0S 1J0
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